Wedding at The Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne Miami

Every couple is different. There are those who will insist on a church wedding that will be witnessed by nearly 1,000 people that they have known and loved throughout their years. Others will want to get out of the tradition of the church, but won’t venture that far away. They may settle on a garden with a few hundred of their closest family and friends.

Then there are those who will want a different feeling, something to set them apart from the rest. Most of these types will settle for a beach wedding where they can let feet play around in the sand. There is another subset of these though. Those who want something unique through and through.

These are the types that will settle on someplace swanky, say like the Ritz Carlton. Jane and Justin are just that couple, and this move was sure to set a different tone in the eyes of many of the people around them.

For this, they took the ceremony to a place that some ways away from the hustle and bustle of Miami and into a place where the nature could bestow something wonderful into their wedding and their marriage. This place is across the Rickenbacker Causeway and is nestled in between two state parks. This beautiful place is Key Biscayne.

To be more specific, the wedding was held at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne, Miami. Jane and Justin couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful place to conduct their nuptials. This wedding should be the definition of taking a garden wedding and adding a lot of sparkle into it. The wonderful vistas overlooking the Biscayne Bay were nothing short of breathtaking. We were delighted to be a part of their special day as their miami wedding photographer.

The fact that Ritz Carlton is a spa is a testament to how they wanted to conduct their wedding, and how their marriage will be. A beautiful oasis away from the hard grind of life where they can both retire to (each other) and have a relaxing, stress relieving time.

The bride stepped out in a beautifully embroidered spaghetti sleeve dress that was perfectly complemented by the shoes, necklace and the tiara. The groom came out in a black tux and bow tie. This was the only ties to tradition that was maintained by this couple… well, aside from the skull cap on Justin’s head.

One thing was apparent though, as they walked down the driveway, you could tell that this is the day they’ve been waiting for in a long time. This is a couple that took their time to learn each other’s tics and complement where possible. Whether it was the workings of the heavens or their own sheer will, this match will definitely be recorded in the heavens as one they should have made possible.

Their first dance as husband and wife only served to reinforce what the people in the room already knew. This was a couple that was deeply in love. This wedding was merely a formality to make things official to both their families, and maybe to themselves. Whether there was a wedding or not, this couple would have weathered whatever rocks and hard places came their way, and they would have loved each other until the end of time.



Rainy Day Engagement Photos

Rain, rain, go away Come again another day. We’ve all listened and sang to this song. But what to do when your in your engagement session? Do you cancel and run away or do you go through with it. Jackson and Melissa are such an awesome couple. We came together and said you know what let’s go for it.

So yes we shot in the rain! How did we do it now? You know cameras and lenses are expensive we couldn’t risk having that get destroyed. So we, went to the nearby CVS got garbage bags and some velcro. We velcroed our lens to the garbage bag. We took all the images inside of a GLAD GARBAGE BAG!

Probably the craziest thing we’ve ever done for an engagement session.

Monica my fiance was like Jon this is going to be so cool if it comes out nice!

She was right the images came out truly incredible and has really made the both of us truly want to shoot in the rain more.

We might even buy an underwater cover to keep doing more sessions like this. The passion you see in these photos aren’t just us putting in the hard work it’s also the love that Melissa and Jackson have for one another.

When they were cold they cuddled, and when they were up close/warm they kissed.

With very little direction since Monica and I were shooting in a garbage bag. These two have a deep love and for a Miami Wedding Photographer like myself capturing moments like this mean everything to me.

It’s days like this that make our jobs just more interesting. It’s always about testing our limits in a creative way. Every time we shoot we see it as an opportunity to get better. We challenge ourselves in everything we do.

We practice every day to create images like this. Images that we know when Jackson and Melissa view them years to come they will remember how cold it was but how their love kept each other so warm.

As for me days like this make my Love for Monica just a little warmer and sweeter. We all know that relationships aren’t easy but we all know that with a little hard work and lots of love it’s all worth it. Just like this rain, storms will come but when they do just hold each other close when your cold and when your finally warm remember to always give each other a big kiss!

It’s these moments that we preserve in our heads and wish to have a camera capture it so it can last forever. We all know that finding true love isn’t easy and we you finally find it hold on to it. One day you might be the one to walk down the aisle. It might be your turn to have your engagement pictures taken.

Or You might be getting close to saying I do! Who knows it might be your turn!

Moral to this shoot: Have fun in the rain!

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Planning a wedding can be stressful. You could have decided to do it your own way with the support of those closest around you, or even have a wedding planner do it for you, but your ideas keep getting changed to fit in with other ideas, or availability of materials and such things.

During this time, it could become a strain on your relationship. This should be the time when you’re building romance and working up quiet anticipation of walking down the aisle. In peace, no less. All this gets thrown out the window in favor of focusing on the wedding, instead of the marriage after the wedding. 

So, lay down your worries and take each other out on a date, preferably one that a Miami photographer can capture and help come up with absolutely beautiful moments that you can reminisce upon some time in the future. 

So, where you take your future partner to?

  • Recreate your first date.

Yes, that’s a bit tricky, depending on how well the date went. Even if you bonded on your mutual friend’s couch, that still a first date to the more romantic member of society.

You can order the very first meal you had together, or the very first drink. You could wear the same clothes you had on and go back to the restaurant you went to retrace your steps, and this time, bring a Miami wedding photographer with you to capture these moments. 

When you sit your children down in future and tell them How You Met Your Partner, they wouldn’t have to imagine it, they could just look at the photos instead. And definitely do not put in one with you eating “Sandwiches.”

  • Learn a new skill together.

It’s important that you get yourselves out of wedding planning mode and focus on building your partnership. If possible, even have a strict policy of no wedding talk after certain hours of the day.

To bolster all this, get yourselves out of your comfort zones and into a situation where you’d have to work together on a new skill. A good example is learning how to cook.

Yes, It isn’t always possible to prepare meals for each other due to the crazy schedules that you both have, but it won’t always be this way. You might even be planning on having kids. Feeding them healthy home cooked meals is one of those home experiences that everyone pines for. Even Africans have a saying, “Unless you travel, you will always believe that your mother is the best cook.” Well, they’re on to something with this.

  • Drive-in movies are still awesome.

Yes, Netflix and chill is all the rage nowadays, but you’ve been staring at the same television or laptop screen for several nights all through your dating period. Mix things up, get that person out of the house and to the next movie showing at the drive-in.

This is no longer a common activity, not even one to cross the minds of those who rarely experienced it as home cinema took over. This will be a fresh activity, and probably one you’ll be taking regularly.

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miami wedding photographer
Shot on a Iphone

Well, that big day has come and has passed. What started out as a day full of nerves turned out to be the most beautiful day of your life. Finally, you have a lifelong partner you can strap up armor and battle through the various quests in life with. You can’t wait to show the world how amazing the day was.

Your amazing Miami wedding photography expert stepped up to the mound and brought their A game. You have received hundreds of beautiful shots from them and you can’t decide which to put up. All of them have something different that you want to show to your friends and family. Which to pick?

Well, here’s some guidelines you can use.

  • Don’t add a filter.

Yes, shocking, isn’t it? Well, that’s because the photographer took their time to compose the shots. It’s not just a matter of point and click. They have to take into account lighting, how the photos are composed and focused before delivering them to you. The most probably did some post processing to give you the best.

Adding a filter just washes all this hard work down the drain. It may also end up destroying the quality of the photo. 

If you feel you have to, get in touch with them and see if it’s okay with them. Also take a look at the contract you signed and see whether they allow the photographs to be edited after delivery.

  • Tell a story.

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well in that case, give them something that can give viewers a chronology of how the day went. When posting the photos, start with the beginning of the day, how it went down for both you and your now husband or wife. Take them through both of you getting ready. 

Proceed through walking down the aisle, saying your vows, the reception, the toasts and so much more. 

You are the creative director of your story. You can choose how you want it to come out. You can choose to focus on the solemn vows you made, or you can choose to go the light hearted way and give everyone something to laugh about. 

  • Highlight the little details.

Aside from everyone wanting to see you and your partner kissing or taking your first dance as a married couple, it would be nice to take a detour in the middle of your story to appreciate the things that people may have missed.

If you had a particularly beautiful bouquet, share the photo. Depending on whether you had taken a different route in your planning and went Asian, you could have had beautiful henna patterns drawn around your hands. These are the things that you definitely should share. 

Don’t forget to include a caption that explains the significance of these things to you. You never know, you could inspire a bride somewhere to add spice to their own wedding.

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Your joy cannot be contained. Finally, you’re getting married. What’s more, it is to the person you love, the person you have come to learn they are your soul mate. This is someone you can build a life with. Such a person deserves the absolute best that you can give them.

This statement does not mean you mess with your credit score or do some other crazy stuff to pay for a top dollar venue. There are plenty of stylish venues in Miami that go with every price point. 

Here are a few of these stylish locations.

  • Miami Beach Botanical Gardens.

For the outdoor wedding lovers, here’s one where you will be thanking your Miami Videographer for the wonderful work they’ve done with the video. While it is true they have put in some man hours to make the video perfect, there work would have been made easy by the various shades of green and different lights and shadows. It almost feels like a scene from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

To add to the fairy tale, the gardens are blessed with the scents of various flowers. From jasmine to frangipani, your guests will all be wowed by this wonderful location with wonderful scents. 

The garden is not all greenery. There is a Koi pond to break up the monotony and a different dimension to the life in the garden. If you do choose to have your wedding at night, then this definitely will be a scene from The Princess and The Frog. The dozens of string lights add to the mysticism and the romance in the air, maybe even amplify it to the point your guests will catch some.

  • Perez Art Museum.

Do I need to elaborate on how stylish a museum is? Well, for the benefit of the non-believers, we’ll just have to take a sneak peek into what you can expect when you choose to have your wedding ceremony in one, especially this particular one.

This particular venue may be a bit of a challenge on the finances, but if it is within your budget, then definitely go for it. The wonderful architecture of the building adds some style and substance to the overall feeling of the vista. 

In case your guests do decide to go for some sightseeing, there is a hanging garden that can serve as an excellent palette cleanser for the various artworks that are contained within the museum. You could choose to rent out the various galleries and other spaces. These would make for excellent photo opportunities for both the new couple and your guests.

  • Redland Farm Life.

Here’s something totally different, one you probably only thought about in passing as a joke. For those looking for wedding venues outside of the city, this is one you should definitely consider.

You could solemnize your vows in a barn. Yes, you read that right. A barn. This is no ordinary barn though. It has been well decorated 

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miami wedding photographer

Ah, finally. That special someone is wearing your ring, or you theirs. It’s time to take stock of the blessings that have come your way. While you celebrate at landing a hottie, you also remember you need a commemoration for the future. How else will you brag to your company’s shareholders how your partner has been there all through as you’ve built the company?

Turning up for the photoshoot could be a bit of a headache. Aside from wanting to commemorate your engagement with the help of a Miami wedding photographer, you also may be under pressure to have it be perfect. Before you put yourself under more undue pressure, consider these:

  • Don’t try to change who you are.

If you’re the kind of people who eschew wearing suits and other formal wear, don’t try to be one now. You may end up feeling absolutely out of place when you break out your penguin suit or a beaded ball gown. That will definitely come out in your photos as you force yourselves to be comfortable when you truly aren’t.

Put on that jeans and t-shirt with pride. Rock those low tops like they’re the last thing you’re going to do on earth. In simple terms, just be you and do you. That fedora is awesome by the way.

  • Don’t try to match.

I know sometimes wearing matching colors and patterns can communicate how in sync you are. This can work for you if you’re that type of couple. However, you do run the risk of looking like this was forced on one partner by the other. If you do decide to go for a patterned look, that may just make things worse.

What you want to do is compliment what your partner is wearing. Go for colors that compliment each other rather than match. Instead of wearing patterns, go for solid prints. 

Complimentary colors and solid prints are better at maintaining the focus on both you and your partner, rather than draw attention to the clothes you are wearing. 

  • Accessorize.

What would a work of art be without some diversity in it? For this reason, instead of just sticking to one solid color, you can switch things up by adding layers to your clothing. The hoodie, sweater, fur coat or denim jacket could do wonders for the photo.

On top of that, you could bring in some Madonna Vogue moments by adding in a pair of chic sunglasses, a lovely scarf, a drop-dead gorgeous necklace or some tribal bangles. These add some layers of complexity, different textures and coloring. The visual interest is something your Miami photographer should work on bringing out. 

  • Landscape.

Yes, your photo isn’t complete without considering the location of your shoot. Also, your outfit should match the terrain of your location. You don’t want to go to the woods with a dress tightly hugging your curves and stilletos.

If you choose the beach, do something appropriate like a sundress with vibrant colors and patterns.


Here is one way to show your partner and the people around you that you are in this for the long haul, not for the luster of the rock on the ring. However, you are unique, and so should your photos be. With everyone heading off to the nearest wooded area, or the Everglades to get something, you can come up with something unique that will set you apart from the rest.

And yes, you can get awesome places right here in Miami. Want to know what some of these unique places are?


  • South Pointe Park.

What would Miami be without the sun, sand and the sea? Well, I don’t want to think about it, but you can think about it in other ways. Although the beach may seem like cliché, the South Pointe Park is nothing close to being one.

There are no tall buildings around the beach. This means the beach is bathed in natural light, especially at sunset. The setting sun provides for spectacular light shows, especially when it is captured by a Miami photographer.

  • Gold Coast Railroad Museum.

Talk about preservation of the very machinery that took our forefathers around Miami. This should be a perfect analogy of how you intend to take care of each other well into old age, not letting each other become obsolete and derelict.

The museum can also serve as a perfect setting for the couple who are thinking of a vintage theme for their wedding. The elegance of the well-preserved vintage trains are bound to add some style and substance to both your engagement shoot and your wedding.

  • West Palm Beach Clock Tower

In Palm Beach, the nearest town to our city where most West Palm Beach residents and visitors always go to enjoy a day on the beach, there is a landmark that instantly becomes familiar to all. A person would hardly leave Palm Beach without noticing it or perhaps taking a photo of the Clock Tower at the entrance of Worth Avenue.

The clock sits right at the entrance of Worth Avenue, one of the main streets in the town of Palm Beach and it is facing both the avenue and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean that lies behind. Worth Avenue is also the name of the main shopping district in Palm Beach and one of the most upscale shopping districts in America.

  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

Yes, you would think that one of the most famous places in Miami is hardly unique, but you’d be surprised. The gardens and the museum itself offer wonderful vistas that cannot be exhausted, no matter how many photos are taken there. 

The Italian architecture that is a replica of something from the Renaissance will provide beauty that will have anyone looking at your photos breathless. The green of the gardens meshes well with the browns of the architecture to give excellent color palettes from which to build your photoshoot on.

It’s location by the Biscayne Bay makes it a wonderful place to have a diverse range of photos. From the balconies, you can take photos that overlook the water.

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This video is a beautiful and elegant example of a Miami Wedding Video. Here you can see Tati and Jonathan Lima completely in love in their romantic rustic wedding.

They had their wedding of their dreams on a private location in the Redlands area of Miami . That day was extremely unique for myself as well. One of my closest friends that I’ve known as kid was getting married. When you get married of course it’s special but when your looking at one of your friends get married it still has a great impact. You remember your both growing up and moving on to important roles in life.

It’s truly beautiful to see how the older we get the more we appreciate life. The more we understand that love is beautiful. That love is the reason why we’re all here. That day when Tati walked down the aisle a part of me inside knew I will soon be next. That someday my turn will come. Where I’ll se my bride walking down the aisle. Crying… Because she wants to spend the rest of life with me.

After shooting so many weddings in my life time and taking place in so many ceremonies. You can tell when the love is there. You see both families come together. Everyone is happy and you see only tears of joy that want to be shared.

When it’s your day… I assume that you want to feel the love. You want to see your family and friends come together. That day, it’s not just beautiful because the decorations, flowers and photographers are around. It’s beautiful because the love you have for your partner took you this far. It was all the fights, laughs, tears and emotions that you somehow fit perfectly for this one moment to just say I do. When looking for a Miami Wedding Photographer and Videographer

You want someone that understands that your love is special. That your love is unique. That your love is rare. That it’s true. That hopefully in the future, it’s stays as strong as the day you confessed the world that you will be with that person for better or for worse. For sickness and in health. To forever more.