Miami Wedding Video

When looking in to Miami Wedding Video. These are the 5 key tips you should be considering.

Step 1 in Miami Wedding Video

Get A wedding Video

Hire a company such as Krafted Memories that has a team and isn’t just and individual. Yes we’ve a Krafted service but we can also ensure you a lot of quality of features that only a studio can offer. For example drone coverage and multiple shooters for your wedding.

miami wedding video

Step 2 in Miami Wedding Video

Quality Wedding Videos

Make sure the company you’re hiring dedicates themselves to wedding videos. You hear all the time that brides and grooms get mislead to hiring a company they shouldn’t have.

See their wedding portfolio and ask them questions about their service.

Step 3 in Miami Wedding Video

Wedding Vows need great audio

Listen to the audio experience as much as the visuals. You want to have the best but make sure to also hear the best. What gear are they using?

Do they use lavs for the audio. You can’t imagine how many times we’ve heard the groom say WOW!!! I’m getting mic’ed up. Yes of course!!!

Step 4 in Miami Wedding Video

Wedding Video Reviews

Choose the right team. Do you connect with your vendors and are they true to what they say. How much experience do they have in Miami.

Select a group of individuals that are professional and have reviews.

Step 5 in Miami Wedding Video

Great Wedding Video and Photo Service

You’re getting married! Make sure you have a company that has great service and read through their contract to see what it speaks about editing.

We won’t mention the company but we heard a story from a Bride that wanted to book us but we unfortunately had all of our teams booked before

consulting with us she choose another company that we’ve never heard about. This company over charged her and now she doesn’t like the edit.

Well now she can’t get the raw footage and get the edit she wants. Make sure to choose a company that has exceptional service.

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Miami Wedding Videographer

Get the best wedding video you can


miami wedding videographer


Hiring the right wedding video company in Miami is the probably the most important piece of a wedding. We sell photos and videos so maybe our thoughts are a little bias when it comes to capturing your memories. One thing we can deny is that it’s important. Obviously besides looking for the right price. What are the question you want to ask for any wedding vendor it’s important. For starters your wedding vows.

Wedding Vows

You want to relax on your honey moon. You were just engaged for probably 1year or so. All the stress from the wedding can be a hassle. We know that. You want to relax.

The truth is though you can only relax if you know everything went right. So how do you know it’s going right before you show up the day of the wedding and everything looks

like a disaster.

miami wedding video


Experience is important like in any job. You can hire an intern or you get the President of the firm to take care of your legal matters. It’s the same in any industry. Hire a team in Miami that knows how to use audio gear. Listen to the audio experience and see if they’re really pushing it forward.


Reception Lighting

Does the video have lighting. Are they shooting in the dark? Ask them if they are bringing in their own lights? This is important. You want to make sure that the company that shows up to your wedding day has the right gear. You hear all the time that couples hire some guy they meet. Then when he shows up barely has the right gear. Sad to say this, most brides and grooms don’t know about equipment. So how do you know?


Wedding Reviews

We know why we’re good. We know why we can deliver. We have a 100 brides and grooms+ that say so to.

Hire the right Miami Wedding Videographer!

Wedding Wire Reviews


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Wedding Video Miami


When it comes to wedding videos in Miami, what makes your work so special? Sometimes you get these couples that really brighten up your entire life.

One of my best friends got married and our team had the chance to film their beautiful luxury rustic wedding in Miami. Jon+ Tati meet in John A Ferguson

high school. Jon loved playing soccer and Tati was an incredible dancer. This couple and their love story is like no other really.


You get to notice that their love is so pure to have lasted this long already. Jon flew all the way to Paris, France to make sure that she got the proposal

she deserved. Right in front of the Eiffel tower. Unfortunately, we couldn’t capture the proposal but from what we heard, she cried and obviously said Yes!

We hope to be able to capture more compelling stories like these. Where we can hear about a love so strong that’s here for the ages. We look forward

to every couple that pushes our company up. It’s time to get for you to look at this wedding video.


Wedding Video in Florida

What style do we have at Krafted Memories. We have a unique style. Our style is to capture what you want. We love to please our clients in every way.

It’s our love for what we do that got us to this moment with you in Florida. Here in Florida the sun shines bright and we have a passion to make sure we use right video

gear. We make sure to have drones to capture the beautiful landscapes. We make sure to bring great quality video and photography lenses. More than anything

we ensure to have great packages. Please view our packages in services.

How to hire the right Video company in Miami for

your corporate event!


We all know that planning any event can be tough. Theirs a few rules we feel that are important that you should follow.  🙂

We hope this helps on choosing the right company for you!



  1. Make sure they have insurance. We hear this all the time. Companies getting hired without being insured. You want to know that the company you’re hiring has insurance. Why? Because if something happens you know they have it covered. Most high end venues won’t allow you to show up if they don’t have them. So why book them if they don’t have insurance. This is what we like to call a red flag. Insurance usually means they are legit.

Lighting For Events

2. How is lighting important? When it comes to video and photography it’s essential. I’ve heard of crazy video and photography packages. Where it’s literally so cheap but it’s because it’s a one man band. When it comes to a corporate event you want to make sure these images are perfectly lit up and it represents your company. Ask your vendors if they have lighting technicians. Are they reliable and own led panels, flashes, strobes, etc… You need your photo and videos to come out beautiful.



miami corporate

You need a  team, not a one man crew.

3. I love hearing how individuals are just the only one in production. For example lets say Bill owns a video company and calls his company Bill Media… Bill Media is just Bill and Bill doesn’t have a staff where they can send people. What happens if the night before your event somethings devastating happens. Where his camera breaks, or he has a family emergency. Things happen. You want to make sure you hire someone with a back up. You need your event covered that’s the point.



4. How can you hire anyone without the right gear. So here’s some tips as a client for you to choose the right person.Ask them what camera they have. Google it and see if it’s worth at least a $1000. That would give you an idea on what you’re looking at in terms of quality. Ask them what lenses they use.You get the idea. The more information you have the better.



5. Your a company and have a brand identity. It’s important to keep the brand guidelines and the company you hire understands that world.Do they know what an AE is. Account executive. Do they understand that if it doesn’t reach the brand guidelines it becomes unusable. This understanding goes very far when you hire the company you need.



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Miami Beach Botanical Garden

A Luxury Wedding Video


When you think of place to get married in Miami. The botanical garden in Miami beach is a beautiful location.

Our couple, Genesis and Axel had a gorgeous luxury wedding. Just the amazing garden and bridge is literally breath taking.

If you’re looking to see a wedding video where it showcases a unique style. Then stop looking. We

were challenged to make a new style of wedding video and this is it.


Look at this video below and you will see that right now theirs no other company in South Florida

providing this exceptional service. At Krafted Memories we truly feel that we take care of our clients in

every way possible. 🙂





We are a 2.6 acre urban oasis featuring subtropical plants from all around the world, unusual palms and South Florida native plants. Admission is free so stop by and see what’s in bloom! We offer frequent tours, events and educational programs.

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