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Tati and Lima Beautiful Rustic Wedding

This video is a beautiful and elegant example of a Miami Wedding Video. Here you can see Tati and Jonathan Lima completely in love in their romantic rustic wedding.

They had their wedding of their dreams on a private location in the Redlands area of Miami . That day was extremely unique for myself as well. One of my closest friends that I’ve known as kid was getting married. When you get married of course it’s special but when your looking at one of your friends get married it still has a great impact. You remember your both growing up and moving on to important roles in life.

It’s truly beautiful to see how the older we get the more we appreciate life. The more we understand that love is beautiful. That love is the reason why we’re all here. That day when Tati walked down the aisle a part of me inside knew I will soon be next. That someday my turn will come. Where I’ll se my bride walking down the aisle. Crying… Because she wants to spend the rest of life with me.

After shooting so many weddings in my life time and taking place in so many ceremonies. You can tell when the love is there. You see both families come together. Everyone is happy and you see only tears of joy that want to be shared.

When it’s your day… I assume that you want to feel the love. You want to see your family and friends come together. That day, it’s not just beautiful because the decorations, flowers and photographers are around. It’s beautiful because the love you have for your partner took you this far. It was all the fights, laughs, tears and emotions that you somehow fit perfectly for this one moment to just say I do. When looking for a Miami Wedding Photographer and Videographer

You want someone that understands that your love is special. That your love is unique. That your love is rare. That it’s true. That hopefully in the future, it’s stays as strong as the day you confessed the world that you will be with that person for better or for worse. For sickness and in health. To forever more.

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