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5 Tips To Hiring Your Miami Wedding Videographer

Miami Wedding Video

When looking in to Miami Wedding Video. These are the 5 key tips you should be considering.

Step 1 in Miami Wedding Video

Get A wedding Video

Hire a company such as Krafted Memories that has a team and isn’t just and individual. Yes we’ve a Krafted service but we can also ensure you a lot of quality of features that only a studio can offer. For example drone coverage and multiple shooters for your wedding.

miami wedding video

Step 2 in Miami Wedding Video

Quality Wedding Videos

Make sure the company you’re hiring dedicates themselves to wedding videos. You hear all the time that brides and grooms get mislead to hiring a company they shouldn’t have.

See their wedding portfolio and ask them questions about their service.

Step 3 in Miami Wedding Video

Wedding Vows need great audio

Listen to the audio experience as much as the visuals. You want to have the best but make sure to also hear the best. What gear are they using?

Do they use lavs for the audio. You can’t imagine how many times we’ve heard the groom say WOW!!! I’m getting mic’ed up. Yes of course!!!

Step 4 in Miami Wedding Video

Wedding Video Reviews

Choose the right team. Do you connect with your vendors and are they true to what they say. How much experience do they have in Miami.

Select a group of individuals that are professional and have reviews.

Step 5 in Miami Wedding Video

Great Wedding Video and Photo Service

You’re getting married! Make sure you have a company that has great service and read through their contract to see what it speaks about editing.

We won’t mention the company but we heard a story from a Bride that wanted to book us but we unfortunately had all of our teams booked before

consulting with us she choose another company that we’ve never heard about. This company over charged her and now she doesn’t like the edit.

Well now she can’t get the raw footage and get the edit she wants. Make sure to choose a company that has exceptional service.

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