Our Story

We Love Weddings

We’ve come a long way. We started as a group of friends with cameras in their hands and a desire to tell stories. As we grew up, our passion for storytelling remained with us and we went on to work in global advertising agencies. But we always found ourselves coming back to weddings, because one way or another, the story of two people falling in love is the story we love telling most. We love the atmosphere on the day of a wedding. There’s a special breeze in the air, on the day two people come together, and reaffirm their love for one another in front of their family and friends. And we love being a small part of your happiest moment, and it shows in love, care and effort with which we kraft them.

Your Story Starts Here

Everyone has a story. At Krafted Memories we’re  family that has many memories. We’re lucky to have pictures of  our great grandparents, grand parents and parents weddings. These images are priceless. These wedding photographs and video tell the story of our family. Where two perfect strangers have built the ideal definition for “relationship goals.” They were  able to migrate from Cuba and fought against all odds.  When suppression hit them, they looked for love. They remembered the day they said “I do”. Now their vows, cake, ceremony and reception is perfectly preserved. Were our family can cherish the tradition they left us. Make sure to pass your memory on.

Wedding Reel