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Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away! Come Back Everyday!

Rainy Day Engagement Photos

Rain, rain, go away Come again another day. We’ve all listened and sang to this song. But what to do when your in your engagement session? Do you cancel and run away or do you go through with it. Jackson and Melissa are such an awesome couple. We came together and said you know what let’s go for it.

So yes we shot in the rain! How did we do it now? You know cameras and lenses are expensive we couldn’t risk having that get destroyed. So we, went to the nearby CVS got garbage bags and some velcro. We velcroed our lens to the garbage bag. We took all the images inside of a GLAD GARBAGE BAG!

Probably the craziest thing we’ve ever done for an engagement session.

Monica my fiance was like Jon this is going to be so cool if it comes out nice!

She was right the images came out truly incredible and has really made the both of us truly want to shoot in the rain more.

We might even buy an underwater cover to keep doing more sessions like this. The passion you see in these photos aren’t just us putting in the hard work it’s also the love that Melissa and Jackson have for one another.

When they were cold they cuddled, and when they were up close/warm they kissed.

With very little direction since Monica and I were shooting in a garbage bag. These two have a deep love and for a Miami Wedding Photographer like myself capturing moments like this mean everything to me.

It’s days like this that make our jobs just more interesting. It’s always about testing our limits in a creative way. Every time we shoot we see it as an opportunity to get better. We challenge ourselves in everything we do.

We practice every day to create images like this. Images that we know when Jackson and Melissa view them years to come they will remember how cold it was but how their love kept each other so warm.

As for me days like this make my Love for Monica just a little warmer and sweeter. We all know that relationships aren’t easy but we all know that with a little hard work and lots of love it’s all worth it. Just like this rain, storms will come but when they do just hold each other close when your cold and when your finally warm remember to always give each other a big kiss!

It’s these moments that we preserve in our heads and wish to have a camera capture it so it can last forever. We all know that finding true love isn’t easy and we you finally find it hold on to it. One day you might be the one to walk down the aisle. It might be your turn to have your engagement pictures taken.

Or You might be getting close to saying I do! Who knows it might be your turn!

Moral to this shoot: Have fun in the rain!

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