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Stylish Wedding Venues in Miami.

Your joy cannot be contained. Finally, you’re getting married. What’s more, it is to the person you love, the person you have come to learn they are your soul mate. This is someone you can build a life with. Such a person deserves the absolute best that you can give them.

This statement does not mean you mess with your credit score or do some other crazy stuff to pay for a top dollar venue. There are plenty of stylish venues in Miami that go with every price point. 

Here are a few of these stylish locations.

  • Miami Beach Botanical Gardens.

For the outdoor wedding lovers, here’s one where you will be thanking your Miami Videographer for the wonderful work they’ve done with the video. While it is true they have put in some man hours to make the video perfect, there work would have been made easy by the various shades of green and different lights and shadows. It almost feels like a scene from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

To add to the fairy tale, the gardens are blessed with the scents of various flowers. From jasmine to frangipani, your guests will all be wowed by this wonderful location with wonderful scents. 

The garden is not all greenery. There is a Koi pond to break up the monotony and a different dimension to the life in the garden. If you do choose to have your wedding at night, then this definitely will be a scene from The Princess and The Frog. The dozens of string lights add to the mysticism and the romance in the air, maybe even amplify it to the point your guests will catch some.

  • Perez Art Museum.

Do I need to elaborate on how stylish a museum is? Well, for the benefit of the non-believers, we’ll just have to take a sneak peek into what you can expect when you choose to have your wedding ceremony in one, especially this particular one.

This particular venue may be a bit of a challenge on the finances, but if it is within your budget, then definitely go for it. The wonderful architecture of the building adds some style and substance to the overall feeling of the vista. 

In case your guests do decide to go for some sightseeing, there is a hanging garden that can serve as an excellent palette cleanser for the various artworks that are contained within the museum. You could choose to rent out the various galleries and other spaces. These would make for excellent photo opportunities for both the new couple and your guests.

  • Redland Farm Life.

Here’s something totally different, one you probably only thought about in passing as a joke. For those looking for wedding venues outside of the city, this is one you should definitely consider.

You could solemnize your vows in a barn. Yes, you read that right. A barn. This is no ordinary barn though. It has been well decorated 

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